Understanding these basic policies and rules and following them will expidite your repair.

Description of Camera Problems:
Most customers get far too wordy and complicated when describing their camera's problems. Our highly trained technicians will only need a general description of what "system" within your camera is giving you a problem. Typical "systems" are:
Transport - Includes loading, advancing, counting, and rewinding film.
Flash - Includes flash doesn't fire and camera won't take a picture if flash is called for.
Focus - Any type of focus problem. It usually helps if a few samples of blurred photo's are sent. We return everything that is sent with your camera.
Zoom - Any type of zoom malfunction
Exposure - Includes pictures that are washed out or too dark
Let us know which system is giving you a problem and whether it is a constant or sporatic problem. We'll take it from there. If we should need any other explanation we'll call you at the daytime phone number you provided.

What to Send?:
Usually just the camera, except!
If you have a power problem, include the "dead" battery. We can tell a lot by the degree of discharge on the battery.
Scratches or light leaks on the film. Send sample negatives, not prints.
Focus problems, send a few negatives and prints.
An SLR (Single Lens Reflex) Camera with a power, focus, or exposure problem, include the lens.

What Not To Send?:
Straps, caps, filters, cases, eye cups, film, simply....... If it comes off easily, don't send it.

How Do We Process A Repair?:
Login: Your Quick Ship data will be entered into our system, serial numbers will be logged, accesories noted, and a service order number assigned. At this point we can pull up your data by name, phone, service order number, or serial number.
Estimate: If you have not pre-approved your repair up to a specified amount, the repair enters the estimate stream. Estimates are usually completed in 3 to 4 work days after login, this varies by seasonal high and low volumes but never is longer than a week. Pre-approved repairs skip this process and save 3 to 7 days.
Notification: A call is made to inform you of our findings, the cost, and approximate completion time.
Aproval: Once approved the unit procedes to the repair area. If the estimate is declined a minimal $11 charge is assesed to cover processing costs and return shipping. Once payment is received the unit is returned. If you should change your mind and decide to have the repair done within 6 months of the quote, the $11 charge is credited to the original repair cost.
Repair: Repair time is the time after a repair is approved by the customer. Once approved repair time averages 7 to 10 work days. Quicker during the cool months, somewhat longer during the height of vacation season (June to September). There are a few items that can force a delay upon us. A backordered part is the primary one. When this occurs a "Backorder" notice will be sent to you informing you that a part we need is not in stock by the U.S. distributers and is coming from Japan. We have no control over these situations and would hope you would be understanding in these rare instances. Backordered parts are sent to us automatically once they arrive in the U.S. Any camera that has been waiting for a backordered part takes top priority in the repair stream when we recieve the part.
Completion/Notification: Once completed you will be notified by phone that your camera is repaired and the total cost including sales tax (where applicable), shipping (amature cameras $6.00), (professional cameras $12.00). Once payment is arranged (most customers will give a credit card # by phone, we accept visa/mastercard) the camera is packed and shipped using UPS's "office online". We can track your parcel at anytime from the time the driver picks up the parcel to the time its' signed for. UPS commonly will get packages to their destination in 1 day within a 100 mile radius of the sender with their standard shipping label. We can provide you with next day, second day, weekend delivery etc. but be forwarned that these services are very expensive and are in addition to repair costs.
Warranty: We offer a no hassel 6 month warranty. If your problem still persists, simply return the unit. A "rework" repair is a priority repair and we do not charge for return shipping back to you.

If you have read this entire page you now have an excellent understanding of what to expect when you send your camera in.